3777 e-Symbiosis: a technology-enabled industrial symbiosis targeting SMEs and innovation

Antonis Kokossis , Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece
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  • Justification of the paper: New paradigm of Industrial Symbiosis

    Purpose: Presentation and demonstration of the concept

    Theoretical framework: Sunstainable Industry

    Results: Real-life application of a Prefecture

    Conclusions: Support of Innovation and Systematization

    The paper introduces a new paradigm aimed to enable SMEs and innovative solutions into Industrial Symbiosis (IS). Current practices require the management of diversified data for the potential sources and sinks, established best practices, processing technologies and materials, process industries, performance metrics, and other regional and local information pertinent to the domain of application. The development of symbiotic links requires studies of practitioners, workshops and manual stages that discourage the involvement of SMEs, are difficult to address options holistically and remain limited in capturing innovation and new technologies. Even featuring best prospects for a sustainable practice, the absence of SMEs and the smaller contributors deprives IS from the Triple Helix certificate and the potential to embrace the society. A new paradigm is proposed that addresses limitations and promises a systematic approach, visual interpretations of the results, sustainable means to re-use knowledge and the convenient inclusion of small businesses in the network.