3741 Multi Criteria Decision Making approaches for Green supplier evaluation and selection: A literature review

Kannan Govindan , Business and Economics, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
Joseph Sarkis , Clark University, Worcester, MA
Sivakumar Rajendran , Anna University, Madurai, India
Murugesan Palaniappan , PVP College of Engineering and Technology For Women, Dindugal, India
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  • Justification of the paper: In recent years, green supply chain paradigm becomes a hot topic for academic research as well as industrial practice due to the environmental awareness. This environmental awareness provoked the industrial partners (supply chain partners) to consider the greening effect into their day today activities. This leads to the necessity of evaluating the potential suppliers (i.e. from upstream and downstream supply chain) by incorporating the green criteria’s into the selection process.

    Purpose: The main objective of this paper is to review the literatures of criteria’s and methodology used for the green supplier evaluation and selection.

    Theoretical framework: As a theoretical framework, we analyzed the articles published in leading international journals from 2000 to 2011 in the following categories.

    1) Methodology based

    2) Evaluation Criteria based

    3) Application based

    Results: From the review, it has been found that

    1) Individual approach were used more than the integrated approaches

    2) Environmental criteria’s were not precisely considered for selection in many articles.

    3) Many approaches only work for best supplier selection but not recommend the mode of failure for non-selected suppliers.

    4) Sensitivity analysis rarely done.

    Conclusions: This paper reviews the literatures of criteria’s and methodology used for the green supplier evaluation and selection 2000 to 2011 and it has been found that many individual and integrated approaches were proposed for supplier selection. The most prevalent approaches used for the supplier selection are AHP, DEA and ANP. Besides, this review recommends that precise focus on environmental criteria and application of sensitivity analysis will aid the researchers and decision makers solving the green supplier selection problems efficient