3510 A holistic perspective on corporate sustainability drivers

Rodrigo Lozano , Sustainability Research Institute School of Earth and Environment, Leeds University, Leeds, United Kingdom
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  • A holistic perspective on corporate sustainability drivers GIN 2012.pdf (1.5 MB)
  • Justification of the paper: As the concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate sustainability (CS) become gradually more important in corporate discussions, it is necessary to understand what is driving them within and outside the company.

    Purpose: This paper is aimed at providing a more holistic perspective on different CSR and CS drivers. Empirical data was collected from company leaders and experts.

    Theoretical framework: The paper proposes a CS driver model, which provides a more holistic perspective by considering internal and external drivers, as well as complementing them with drivers connecting the company to the outside, i.e. connecting drivers.

    Results: The results show that internally, leadership and the business case are the most important drivers, whilst the most important external drivers are reputation, customer demands and expectations, and regulation and legislation

    Conclusions: The paper offers a more holistic perspective on how the company can become more sustainability orientated, becoming more proactive, whilst reducing the risk to react to external stimuli.