32 Towards sustainable mobility: electrical, hydrogen, or both?

Content description: Major options to realise sustainable mobility include electrical mobility, hydrogen and fuel cell mobility, as well as bio-fuels, traffic management systems and regulatory means such as congestion charges and other ways of demand side management. However, each of these options and related innovations are still under development, while it is not clear if any of these solutions will prevail or if we need them all (either at the same time or succeeding over time). This session proposal focuses in particular on the developments in electrical mobility and hydrogen-based mobility. While electrical mobility is currently booming again, hydrogen and fuel cell based mobility was developing rapidly in the late nineties, but seems to be stagnating. The session seeks papers that critically report on socio-technical developments, cases and pilots in both electrical and hydrogen mobility, or that draw comparisons between them. Inclusion of user and consumer aspects, as well as possible conditions and side-effects are considered to be highly crucial for these developments and their public and user acceptance. The aim is to discuss and evaluate current developments and their potential short-term and long-term contribution to sustainable mobility and define short-term and long-term recommendations. It is also aimed to draw comparisons between hydrogen based and electric mobility developments, and to learn from these comparisons as well as from past experiences including their rise and decline as most promising option.
Tuesday, June 9, 2009: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Sacha Silvester
Jaco Quist
Electric vehicles are here to stay! The role of design as interface between user and technology
Satish Kumar Beella, Delft University of Technology; Sacha Silvester, Delft University of Technology
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  • Advent of electric vehicles: towards a research agenda
    Sacha Silvester, Delft University of Technology; Jaco Quist, Delft University of Technology; Chris Hellinga, Delft University of Technology; Stephan Van Dijk, Delft University of Technology; Cees De Bont, Delft University of Technology
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  • The bike is back with a battery
    Frank van Der Hoeven, Delft University of Technology
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