38 World Café: Creative dialogue on Learning and Climate Change

Content description: Might we ask Powerful Questions that release the co-creativity of the conference participants so that in a “climate” of concern, they can express both their concerns and practical solutions for “climate” change? When we “ask” powerful questions and then get out of the way, people come alive. They reflect, they wonder, they intuit, they infer and in dialogue they discover. We propose to use a creative dialogue format as an opening, general session for the domain Learning and Climate Change. This provides a platform for meeting and engaging with similar-minded participants. An atmosphere of co-creativity, networking and productive exchange develops at an early stage of the conference – low in carbon but high in creative human energy! We aim to weave together the different themes of the domain, such climate awareness, learning and teaching climate change and produce further dialogue and exchange. Possible powerful questions for session: What success stories are in your mind when you think of Learning and Climate Change? When have you experienced deep learning? And how can we connect this with climate change? How can learning experiences contribute to actions on climate protection? The session would be around 2 hours and require a minimum attendance of 16 persons. Contact Hanno Langfelder career@forst.wzw.tum.de
Tuesday, June 9, 2009: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Hanno Langfelder