15 Sustainable consumption and the interaction between everyday life styles and systems of provision II

Content description: The high level of consumption in so-called western societies is widely seen as one of the biggest challenges in the context of sustainable development. In order to motivate people to consume more sustainable, the complexity of consumption as a social practice needs to be understood thoroughly. Consumption patterns are usually embedded in a well-functioning system of daily routines, habits and rituals that is adapted to available infrastructures and systems of provision. This workshop brings together researchers investigating the evolution of consumption between lifestyle and systems of provision as well as possibilities to support a change towards more sustainable consumption patterns.
Tuesday, June 9, 2009: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
Martina Schaefer and Melanie Jaeger
Subjective and Objective Maps - the Relation Between Appropriation of Space and Consumption Infrastructure
Melanie Jaeger, Berlin Institute of Technology; Martina Schaefer, Berlin Institute of Technology
Tendencies of Ethical Traceability Cases From Organic, Artisan and Conventional Bacon Supply Chains
Niels Heine Kristensen, Technical University of Denmark; Thorkild Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark