2 Innovative policy instruments and bottom-up initiatives for an SCP Action Plan I

Content description: The subject of this workshop is on "Innovative policy instruments and bottom up initiatives for a renewed Sustainable Production and Consumption Action Plan". This workshop could contain three parts: (1) Critical analysis of the existing EU action plan from different perspectives: consumer sciences, research on sustainable production and consumption, public health responsibles, social sciences including gender perspectives, effectiveness of policy instruments, etc. (2) Discussion on effectiveness of innovative policy instruments and bottom up initiatives that can help to create an ambitious SCP policy (3) Resolution with concrete recommendations for a renewed action plan. The workshop should address policy makers from EU, including those of the Commission which are responsible for this action plan, policy makers from national ministries etc. and of course diverse research and lobby communities. The workshop could build upon the series of papers presented at JOACC by the SCOPE2 project. A panel discussion could be envisaged with representatives from science, policy, business, NGOs.
Tuesday, June 9, 2009: 12:15 PM-1:00 PM
Michael Kuhndt
Evaluating Sustainable Consumption Policies and Practices: gaps, white spots and future developments
Oksana Mont, Lund University; Arnold Tukker, TNO; Sylvia Lorek, SERI Germany e.V.; Fernando Diaz-Lopez,, TNO; Joachim Spangenberg, SERI Germany e.V.; Martin van de Lindt, TNO; Stefan Giljum, SERI Germany e.V.; Martin Bruckner, SERI Germany e.V.; Ines Omann, SERI Germany e.V.
Full Papers
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