23 Carbon Footprints

Tuesday, June 9, 2009: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
Per Christensen
Progress Through Feedback – An Internet-based Personalised Monitoring System of Consumption Induced Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Rewards for the Goodies
Kaarina Hyvönen, National Consumer Research Centre; Adriaan Perrels, Government Institute for Economic Research; Arto Kallio, Technical Research Centre of Finland; Juha-Matti Katajajuuri, MTT Agrifood Research; Magnus Melin, Technical Research Centre of Finland; Ari Nissinen, Finnish Environmental Research Institute; Mika Saastamoinen, National Consumer Research Centre
Full Papers
  • Hyvonen-full paper.pdf (380.7 kB)
  • CO2 calculator
    Claus Werner Nielsen, COWI; Ole-Kenneth Nielsen, Aarhus University
    The Environment Barometer with CO2-meter for entrepreneurs
    Adriaan van Engelen, Stimular Foundation; Marc Herberigs, Stimular Foundation
    Full Papers
  • The Envirometer with CO2-meter for entrepreneurs 2009 ERSCP.pdf (229.8 kB)