37 Climate change, Eco-innovation, international competitiveness, and growth: Panel Debate

Content description: This workshop is intended to deal with a topic that is not directly contemplated in the program of JAOCC but that is of high relevance for the community involved in this conference. It has to do with the technologies and systems needed to respond to the challenge of climate change and competitiveness. Our feeling that although there is a great deal of knowledge about a range of potential responses to the challenge of climate change there has been little exploration of what type of economic impact this range of knowledge once applied might have in the economy and growth. Furthermore, there is little exploration of the challenges that international the rules of for international competition, demand conditions, supporting industries, and the structure of this ‘new’ industry will bring to the equation for the full deployment of services, technologies and systems oriented to mitigate climate change effects. The issue here is that, contrary to past decades, the engagement on environmental protection (now via innovation) is seen as source of competitive advantage. Many agree on this, our feeling on this is that there is still little insight within the epistemic communities that will attend the conference on what international competitiveness entails. The “solutions” proposed after a preparatory niche development in which many climate change technologies are now, they must compete in the open market with “solutions” proposed elsewhere. For some years colleagues working within the innovation research have come closer to the environmental realm, now this is a common place. This is not the case of Industrial Organization in particular communities dealing with issues of international competitiveness. We will see this topic coming together in the next years as governments see in the environmental challenges the possibility of creating large economic multipliers. The idea is to bring together people from the innovation (Schumpeterians), openness-competitiveness (new trade) and environmental studies traditions. The aim is to bring these issues to the attention of the communities attending the conference and draw a research agenda that addresses a number of open questions regarding the inputs, throughputs and outputs of international competitiveness in relation climate change, innovation and the environment in general. There will be a clouple of presentation from leading scholars in the topic to spark the discussions. This workshop will coincide with the works conducted in the preparation of a special issue in this topic by the Journal of Cleaner Production.
Tuesday, June 9, 2009: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Carlos Montalvo
Dan Stromberg
Tomoo Machiba , Iulia Degeratu and Fernando Diaz