21.1 Climate Communities - a springboard to explore climate action at the local level

Christian Poll , Danish Society for Nature Conservation, Copenhagen East, Denmark

While governments fail to commit into binding goals for climate action, local initiatives are blossoming regionally and especially at the community level in Denmark. The Danish Society for Nature Conservation - the largest E-NGO in Denmark - has developed a simple, yet effective, concept with inspiration from the US Cool Cities campaign. Climate Communities are now signed up by almost <half> of the Danish municipalities, all committing into a goal of at least 2% CO2-reduction per year. Thus instead of waiting for long term goals, e.g. CO2 neutral in 2050, Climate Communities start today, delivering results next year. The campaign is supported by a number of other activities: Local Climate Summits in ten municipalities, where local politicians meet other local decision makers for a one day brainstorm om climate solutions; The Copenhagen Climate Exchange 2009, a global exhibition and fair, where cities, organisations and innovative enterprises from across the world meet and share ideas on how to solve the climate crisis. Climate Communities also join forces with the Ministry of Climate and Energy on Energy Cities and with The Danish Electricity Saving Trust on various activities.