7.2 Carbon capture and storage at Vattenfall, Nordjyllandsværket

Niels Ole Knudsen , Chemistry and materials, Vattenfall A/S, Vodskov, Denmark

The European utility company Vattenfall has a strategic ambition to become CO2-neutral in the Nordic countries in 2030 and in the rest of Europe in 2050. To achieve this ambitious goal Vattenfall will use a multitude of strategies including increased use of biomass, wind power, hydro power, nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

This paper will present the ongoing CCS project, at the 400 MWe coal fired combined heat and power plant Nordjyllandsværket unit 3 (NJV3). The project covers choice of site, seismic investigations, selection of technology, environmental considerations and heat integration with the district heating systems.

Simultaneously Vattenfall is planning to substitute up to 40 % of the coal used at NJV3 with biomass, - mainly wood chips. In combination with CCS this will transform the coal fired power plant into an a true CO2 sink