62.2 Environmental Awareness through Performative Urban Media

Bo Stjerne Thomsen , Architecture & Design, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
Esben Skouboe Poulsen , Architecture & Design, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
The paper bridges several of the themes at the "Joint Actions on Climate Change" focusing on the abilities for interactive urban media to encourage a sustainable lifestyle by establishing environmental feedback loops through collective urban media affecting individual sustainable behaviour.

Through the recent climate debates sustainability has been approached as a much more integrated issue where the balance of natural resources and climate exists in close relationships with the collective actions of the global population. Here sustainability is now perceived as in a feedback loop with human behaviour and nature no-longer perceived as a setting that is forever determined in its own balance. This opens up a new framework for how to realign natural and cultural goals through new performative experiments that bridges environmental agendas with cultural lifestyles by introducing information technology to circulate feedback between cause and effect. These performative dialogues and new technologies are important for any culture, but getting increasingly important for a society, which behaviour is continuously guided through new collective media.

The paper presents a series of current projects, however emphasizing two projects that introduce performative urban media as a way to circulate sustainable information to influence sustainable consumption patterns. The first project is a research project that investigates how interactive lighting can lower energy consumption and encourage sustainable behaviours through sensor technologies embedded in urban street lighting. The second project is an experimental project investigating how new types of media facades can increase environmental awareness through specific feedback between citizen and consumption data through a setting at an industrial area in Aalborg.