Greening from the front to the back door? Investigating the varieties of chemical and resource management services
Markku Anttonen
Helsinki School of Economics
Department of marketing and management
P.O. Box 1210, FIN-00101 HELSINKI
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Abstract Though services and product-service systems have been promoted as a promising way towards more eco-efficient and sustainable societies, they have not turned into reality as expected. Chemical and resource management services are among the few operational examples. They aim to align the service provider’s and customer’s actions to reduce chemicals usage and waste, improve supply chain management and increase resource efficiency. Arguably they also create new business and higher profit margins compared to merely selling chemicals or handling industrial waste. Thus far they have been viewed as a single business model. In contrast, this study shows through the construction of five service profiles as ideal types that the actual services and their focus vary. They range from the management of the chemicals supply to operations, waste reduction, combined logistics services, process management, ICT and other technologies. Consequently this effects the value creation, organization and environmental efficiencies of these services.
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9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Thursday, June 26, 2008, Oral

The Netherlands, 2008 Meeting