The Ontario, Canada 2007 Meeting
Waterloo, Ontario  Canada
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 Friday, June 15, 2007

 8:00 AM-8:00 PM
1 All Submissions
8:00 AM 1-1A Documentary film, A Couple of Social Entrepreneurs, and the Re-Framing of Institutionalized Practices.
Andrew Gates

Ph.D. Student in Strategy at McGill University

1758 rue Beaudet, Ville Saint Laurent,

H4L 2K8 Canada        
telephone : 514 744 1769

e-mail :

8:20 AM 1-2The Canadian Aluminum Industry and Product Stewardship.
Paola Kistler

Director, Environment


Aluminum Association of Canada

1010 Sherbrooke Street West, suite 1600

Montreal, Quebec, Canada                 

H3A 2R7

Tel: 514-848-8264


8:40 AM 1-3Investment is Key to a Successful Climate Change Strategy.
Tom Rosser, Chief Economist
Isabelle Des Chênes, Director, Communications/Directrice, Communications
Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)
Association des produits forestiers du Canada (APFC)
99 Bank Street, Suite 410
Ottawa, ON K1P 6B9 Canada
Tel: (613) 563-1441 ext. 323,
9:00 AM 1-4Creating a New Pathway to Corporate Sustainability: The Unified Risk Management Approach.
John W.Grosskopf,

ERE, Inc.

John F. Milliman,

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Address Correspondence to:

John F. Milliman, PhD

Department of Management

College of Business

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway

Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150

Ph 719.262.3316   Fax  719.262.3494


9:20 AM 1-5Sustainability Stewardship and Product Innovation in the Financial Sector.
Julie LaFrance

International Finance Corporation

2121 Pennsylvania Ave

Washington, DC, 20433

(202) 473-4875

9:40 AM 1-6Risk Management for Emissions Trading
Eeva Lappalainen, Anna Kumpulainen and Tuula Pohjola;
Helsinki University of Technology, P.O. Box 5500, FI-02015 TKK, Finland
10:00 AM 1-7Environmental Factors in Capital Investment Decision Making: Canadian Case Studies
Dorothy Wood Australian National University;

Chris Robinson York University Toronto.

Correspondence to:

Dr. Dorothy Wood

School of Accounting and Business Information Systems
Ph +61 2 6125 9558
Mailing Address
College Office
Copland Building 024
Australian National University
ACT 0200 Australia

10:20 AM 1-8Beliefs and Barriers to integrated stewardship in the New Zealand Dairy Industry. How we can move past them?
Janine Alfeld

Lincoln University

P O Box 21

Lincoln University


New Zealand 7647

Contact Email:

10:40 AM 1-9Governance for Sustainable Stewardship.
Dr. Theo de Bruijn

School of Management and Governance
CSTM University of Twente
PO Box 217 - 7500 AE  Enschede, The Netherlands
phone +31-53 489 4234 / fax +31-53 489 4850

11:00 AM 1-10Government involvement and social stewardship in Wales: funding schemes fostering sustainable behaviour in business, individuals and community
Frances Hines (research manager), Dr. Diego Vazquez,  Cerys Pointing, and Renee Van Baar are researchers at BRASS (The ESRC Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability,Sustainability and Society), Cardiff University.

55 Park Place

Cardiff CF10 3AT United Kingdom

Telephone +44 (0) 2920 876 562

11:20 AM 1-11Does business as usual still make politics as usual? Prospects for sustainably managing freshwater resources as a CPR in Canterbury, New Zealand
P.A. Memon, Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand; John W. Selsky, University of South Florida Lakeland, USA
11:40 AM 1-12Developing a spatial- and technology - policy to provide domestic comfort to the urban inhabitants of North Western Europe
Delft University of Technology, Dept. of Technology, Policy & Management, Technology dynamics and Sustainable Development, Jaffalaan 5, NL2628BX Delft, The Netherlands,

12:00 PM 1-13Climate Change Impacts on Banks: Where Sustainability and Risk Management Met.t
Sandra Odendahl, Senior Director
CIBC Environmental Risk Management Corporate Risk and Insurance Services, TRM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
12:20 PM 1-14The Base of the Pyramid Protocol: Co-venturing at the BoP.
Stuart Hart, Erik Simanis, Duncan Duke.

The Johnson School, Cornell University,

Ithaca, New York, USA

12:40 PM 1-15Innovation to strengthen the bottom of cross-border agri-based chains.
Myrtille Danse and Sietze Vellema;

WUR, The Netherlands


Myrtille Danse

Agricultural Economics Institute (LEI)

PO Box 29703

2502 LS The Hague

The Netherlands


Phone: 0031-6-48387311

1:00 PM 1-16GP Community Information Center: Helping the poor through technology.
Sultana Reza,

Deputy General Manager,  Community Information Center, Grameenphone Ltd.,

Dhaka, Bangladesh 
Deputy General Manager

1:20 PM 1-17Towards an analytical framework for business-NGO dialogues.
Mariëtte van Huijstee, MSc

PhD Student Stakeholder Dialogues for Sustainable Development
Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development and Innovation
Research Group Environmental Studies and Policy
Heidelberglaan 2, Van Unnik Building, Room 11.18

P.O. Box 80115, 3508 TC Utrecht
T +31 (0)30 2535505
F +31 (0)30 2532746

1:40 PM 1-18The flexible interpretation of EMS and the need for a standards reform –the case of ISO 14001.
Ulrik Jørgensen*, Michael Søgaard Jørgensen, Erik Hagelskjær Lauridsen

Unit for Innovation and Sustainability, Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Management, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, DENMARK

Kaare Hendrichsen, DANAK

Stig Hirsbak, Hirsbak Consult

Nils Thorsen, Ernst & Young Denmark

* corresponding author: E-mail: Phone: +45 4525 6075 Fax: +45 4588 2014

2:00 PM 1-19Challenges: Enhancing capacity and integration of the poor into industry supply chains.
Helen Loftin

Project Manager


Waterloo, ON Canada

2:20 PM 1-20Evaluating local impact: A study of “BoP as Producer” ventures.
Ted London
William Davidson Institute/Stephen M. Ross School of Business
at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
2:40 PM 1-21Sustainability Issues in Subsistence Marketplaces.
Madhu Viswanathan

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

3:00 PM 1-22TITLE: Why Do Businesses Undertake Electricity Conservation and Demand Management Activities?: An Investigation of Medium- and Large-Scale Electricity Customers in Milton, Ontario
By Stephen Mooney and Ian H. Rowlands

Stephen Mooney
MES Candidate
Department of Environment and Resource Studies
Faculty of Environmental Studies
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, ON
Tel: +1-416-786-6366
Fax: +1-519-746-0292

3:20 PM 1-23Greening Consumption.
Edith Callaghan

F.C. Manning School of Business

Acadia University

Wolfville, Nova Scotia B4P 2R6 Canada


3:40 PM 1-24Investigating the Market Share and Potential of Greener Consumer Products.
Michael T. Hernke

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Univerisity of Wisconsin-Madison

School of Business, OIM Dept.

975 University Ave.

Madison, WI 53705  USA

(608) 236-0576 phone

4:00 PM 1-25Green Product Innovation – An Analytical Framework for Determinants of Green Products in the Electronics Industry.
Daniel Kammerer
ETH Zurich, Switzerland,
Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS)
Institute for Environmental Decisions (IED)
4:20 PM 1-26Paths to Success for Green Product Innovation: What do we know so far and where do we go from here?
Dr. Ashish Pujari, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing
DeGroote School of Business
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L8S 4M4

Phone: 905.525.9140, extension 27635
Fax: 905.521.8995

4:40 PM 1-27Sustainability in the Business Mainstream? Harvard Business Review’s List of Breakthrough Ideas as a Loose Metric.
Trudy Heller, Ph.D.

Executive Education for the Environment

P.O. Box 84

Swarthmore, PA 19081 USA

1-800 813 8219

5:00 PM 1-28What’s Being Responsible? The Meaning of the Social Element in Sustainability.
Gordon Rands

Western Illinois University

5:20 PM 1-29The Resilience Imperative: Lessons from Sustainable Development for Corporate Sustainability.
Deborah M. Steketee, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Sustainable Business

Aquinas College

1607 Robinson Road SE

Grand Rapids, MI  49506 USA


5:40 PM 1-30Communicative Practices and Green Activism: `Strategic Frames’ for Green Solidarity and Expansion in Transnational Organizing in the Post-Cold era.
Karunamay Subuddhi

Associate Professor of Sociology

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay: Mumbai- 400076

Phones: 022-25767363/25768363/25720359


6:00 PM 1-31GIN2007 Conference Abstract Book: Sustainable Ecosystem and Social Stewardship.
6:20 PM 1-32In Appreciation: Dr. Sanjay Sharma
6:40 PM 1-33GIN2007 Conference Program
Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Conference Chair
Barry Colbert, Wilfred Laurier University, Canada; Rapporteur

7:20 PM 1-35Summary of Session #2: Addressing Climate Change and Sustainability in Extractive Industries: Forestry and Aluminum
Joel Marcus, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada; Rapporteur
Barry Colbert, Wilfred Laurier University, Canada; Rapporteur
8:00 PM 1-37Summary of Session 6: Developing Sustainable Business Models for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP)
Elizabeth Kurucz, Schulich School of Business, York University; Rapporteur
8:20 PM 1-38Summary of Session #7: BoP: Strategy Towards Sustainability
Joel Marcus, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada; Rapporteur
8:40 PM 1-39Summary of Session 8: The Role of Stakeholders in Sustainable Supply Chains and Innovation
Elizabeth Kurucz, Schulich School of Business, York University; Rapporteur
9:00 PM 1-40Summary of Session #10: SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION
Barry Colbert, Wilfred Laurier University, Canada; Rapporteur
9:20 PM 1-41Summary of Session #11: The BoP, Poverty Alleviation, and Sustainability
Joel Marcus, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada; Rapporteur
Barry Colbert, Wilfred Laurier University, Canada; Rapporteur
10:00 PM 1-43Summary of Session 14: Sustainability Discourse
Elizabeth Kurucz, Schulich School of Business, York University; Rapporteur
10:20 PM 1-44Industrial Ecology as Regional Corporate Sustainability System
Dr. Leo Baas,

Erasmus University Rotterdam,

P.O. Box 1738, Rotterdam,

The Netherlands.

Tel.: +31.10.4082381

10:40 PM 1-45The Diffusion of Effective Environmental Management Systems in the US: Analysis of the EPA’s Performance Track
Tanya Boone

Associate Professor of Operations and Information Technology

Mason School of Business

The College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, Virginia

11:00 PM 1-46Sustainability & Stakeholders within the Urban Design & Construction Process: Towards the Development of a ‘Best Practice’ Framework
Cadman, D. M., Boyko, C. T. & Cooper, R.

Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom

11:20 PM 1-47Explicit contracting as a determinant of the linkage between environmental performance and executive compensation

James J. Cordeiro

115B Hartwell Hall

Department of Business Administration & Economics

SUNY Brockport

Brockport, NY 14420

(585) 395-5793

(583) 395-2542 (Fax)

Joseph Sarkis

Graduate School of Management

Clark University

950 Main Street

Worcester, MA 01610

508) 793-7659

(508) 793-8822 (Fax)

11:40 PM 1-48Taking care of the Future of Sustainable Innovation in Africa
M.R.M. Crul* (Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology) and E. Kok (UNIDO Vienna)

Tracy-Anne De Silva

Lecturer in Accounting

Centre of Accounting Education and Research

Commerce Division

PO Box 84

Lincoln University

Lincoln 7647

New Zealand

Ph: +64 3 325 2811 extn 8262

Fax: +64 3 325 3847


12:20 AM 1-50The Vale Residential Estate: Setting the Stage for Sustainable Stewardship in New Communities.


12 Whyalla Court,

Bibra Lake

Perth, Western Australia

Phone: (08) 9434 2200


12:40 AM 1-51Decision making in transportation processes as a support for sustainable stewardship

Vera Farkavcova, Doctoral Researcher; and Prof. Dr. Edeltraud Guenther

Chair of Business Administration, esp. Environmental Management

Department for Business Management and Economics,

Technische Universitaet Dresden (Dresden University of Technology)

01062 Dresden



1:00 AM 1-52The Hurdles Analysis as an instrument for improving sustain-able stewardship; Results of an empirical study of hurdles to green procurement of German industry
Edeltraud Guenther, Lilly Scheibe, Vera Farkavcová

Technische Universitaet Dresden (Dresden University of Technology)

01062 Dresden




1:20 AM 1-53Organisational Resources for Sustainable Innovations: The Case of the German Frame House Industry
Esther Hoffmann*, Franziska Mohaupt*, Marlen Arnold**

*Institute for Ecological Economy Research

** Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Corresponding author:

Esther Hoffmann

Head of Research Field Corporate Environmental Management

Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IÖW) gGmbH

Institute for Ecological Economy Research

Potsdamer Str. 105

10785 Berlin


Phone +49 (0)30 884594 22

Fax +49 (0)30 8825439 and

1:40 AM 1-54The Dilemma of ‘Flower’ Miles
Dr Diane Holt

Lecturer in Management and Sustainability,

Queen’s University Belfast,

School of Management and Economics,

25 University Square, Belfast,

Northern Ireland,

United Kingdom



Dr Anna Watson

Lecturer in Retailing,

University of Surrey,

School of Management,

University of Surrey Guildford,


United Kingdom



2:00 AM 1-55Making or breaking environmental innovation? Technological change and innovation markets in the pulp and paper industry
Paula Kivimaaa & Petrus Kauttob

aFinnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

P.O. Box 140, 00251 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358 400 148 849


bFinnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

P.O. Box 140, 00251 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358 400 148 850


2:20 AM 1-56"DESIGN or DEFAULT"
JohnPaul Kusz and Doris Wells-Papanek
2:40 AM 1-57Modes of environmental management in transnational product chains
Michael Søgaard Jørgensen*, Ulrik Jørgensen, Kåre Hendriksen, Stig Hirsbak, Nils Thorsen

* Corresponding author: E-mail: Phone: +45 4525 6024 Fax: +45 4593 3435

3:00 AM 1-58A stakeholder relationship approach to corporate environmental management
Ari Paloviita, University of Jyväskylä, School of Business and Economics, Finland

Vilma Luoma-aho, University of Jyväskylä, Department of Communication, Finland

Corresponding author:

Ari Paloviita

School of Business and Economics, P.O. Box 35, 40014 University of Jyväskylä, FINLAND


Telephone: +358-14-2603350

Fax: +358-14-2603331

Dr. Bruce Paton, Assistant Professor

Management Department, College of Business

San Francisco State University

1081 Kildare Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94087


R. Bruce Paton, PhD*

Assistant Professor

San Francisco State University

College of Business

1081 Kildare Avenue,

Sunnyvale, CA 94087

phone: (408) 247-8745


Vijay Mehrotra, PhD

Assistant Professor

San Francisco State University

College of Business

* Corresponding Author

4:00 AM 1-61Sustainable Development, Corporate Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Need for an Integrative Framework
Stefano Pogutz

Assistant Professor of Management

The “Giorgio Pivato” Institute of Management

Bocconi University, Viale Filippetti, 9 - 20122 – Milan, Italy

Tel. +39.02.5836-3638 - Fax +39.02.5836-3691


4:20 AM 1-62Empowering creativity to deliver sustainable value
Simona Rocchi - Senior Director Sustainable Design - Philips Design

Emmasingel 24, 5611 AZ  Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)40 2759223 - Fax: +31 (0)40 2759251


Home page:


Yasushi Kusume - Vice President - Philips Design

Emmasingel 24, 5611 AZ  Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)40 2759118 - Fax: +31 (0)40 2759251


4:40 AM 1-63Do Environment Social Controls Matter to Australian Capital Investment Decision-making?
Donald G Ross & Dorothy Wood, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australian National University