Governance for Sustainable Stewardship.
Dr. Theo de Bruijn

School of Management and Governance
CSTM University of Twente
PO Box 217 - 7500 AE  Enschede, The Netherlands
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Sustainable stewardship implies dialogue and consultation, collaboration and the formation of new partnerships throughout the production chain. This is not an easy challenge and asks for new systems of governance as ‘compliance to regulation’ is simply not an adequate approach to achieving sustainability. Rather, policy approaches must focus on how to use the creativity of all the actors in the production and consumption system beyond the level that has been stimulated by current strategies.

The United States and many European countries have developed new approaches to overcome the shortcomings of current approaches, especially with voluntary, collaborative and information-based programs. This group of policy programs represents an attempt to engage industry in significant environmental improvements through dialogue, consensus-building and voluntary action rather than the imperatives of direct regulation or the incentives of market-based approaches. The rationale for these approaches lies not only in the shortcomings of direct regulation, but perhaps more importantly in the complexity and severity of environmental problems, which necessitate a redefinition of the scope and methods of environmental policy and the roles traditionally played by government and the private sector in environmental protection

First experiences, however, show rather limited evidence that voluntary, collaborative and information-based programs can live up to the tall order to inducing change in complete production and consumption systems.

In this proposed contribution De Bruijn will address the challenge for governance schemes within the context of sustainable stewardship. His contribution is based on a recent book he co-edited with the late Vicki Norberg-Bohm:

De Bruijn, T., & Norberg-Bohm, V. (2005). Industrial Transformation: Voluntary, collaborative and information-based approaches in environmental policies in the US and Europe. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

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