The Canadian Aluminum Industry and Product Stewardship.
Paola Kistler

Director, Environment


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This presentation will outline how the aluminum industry has established product stewardship principles and practices along the entire value chain. It will demonstrate the efforts of the industry and how aluminum contributes to waste minimization.

This thinking requires a material reorganization from a societal perspective. Already in Europe, efforts are underway to integrate life-cycle thinking in product development. Integrated product policy (IPP) is a concept which is applied to all new legislative proposals in order to ensure that the life cycle concept is fully integrated in policy development. Canada has yet to learn from this; this presentation will also examine how Europe is leading the discussion on IPP/LCA and how Canadian manufacturers can espouse some of these principles. Furthermore, it will examine some of the current gaps in Canada and offer some policy options on how to reorganize society and industry in order to move towards a recycling society.

In 2002, American architect William McDonough and German chemist Michael Braungart teamed up to coauthor a book entitled Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things. Waste and pollution are to be avoided at any cost. Pollution is a symbol of design failure. Hence, the challenge is to redesign the materials economy so that it is compatible with nature.

One of the keys to reducing materials use is by recycling. The recycling of aluminum within the transport, packaging, building & construction, and mass transportation will be used as a case study. Recycling of aluminum saves 95% of the energy required to make it and as such the industry is concentrating a lot of efforts in ensuring that used aluminum re-enters the recycling stream. It will also outline the fuel savings aluminum brings in the transport area and other advantages.

In conclusion, the goal is to redesign the manufacturing process so as to eliminate the discharge of pollutants entirely. This is a challenge for the aluminum industry and efforts to achieve zero emissions as a goal will also be outlined.

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