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This paper intends to illustrate how to leverage a company’s design and people research capabilities to create a common vision of sustainable development, and how to translate this vision into context-specific humanitarian answers. To do this, it draws on experience built up within the global design community of Philips, where employees have responded to important social and environmental issues that have arisen with sustainable design solutions.

The experience describes:

         the research and design process used to stimulate the creative ‘sustainability’ thinking of designers and researchers  challenged with confronting sustainable development issues affecting the most fragile categories of our society

         the open innovation approach adopted for the implementation - in rural and semi-urban India - of one of the design concepts generated during the creative phase: the ‘Chulha’, a wood-burning stove for healthy indoor cooking co-developed with local stakeholders and users.

Key words

People insights, value co-creation, open innovation, employee engagement, sustainable design, strategic philanthropy, base of the pyramid, rural India.

Full Paper (.pdf format, 376.0 kb)

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