JohnPaul Kusz and Doris Wells-Papanek
When we design, we take on a responsibility, not only for form and function, but for the effects that our solutions have on people, culture, and the environment. Merely serving commercial interests denies the true potential of Design.

The authors believe that Design can facilitate comprehensive solutions that align commercial interests with human, cultural, and environmental interests while respecting the intrinsic value of each.

They present the concept of the trajectory, and the technical, societal, and political inflections that have brought us to the present; and will take us into the future.

By rethinking and repositioning the Design process, they suggest that we can create better and more sustainable outcomes for society and for our “man-made” eco-industrial reality and the greater ecology; presenting a framework designed to create a dialogue that enhances and expands the product development process that, they believe, can lead to more inclusive, anticipatory, and comprehensive solutions.

Full Paper (.pdf format, 240.0 kb)

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