The Dilemma of ‘Flower’ Miles
Dr Diane Holt

Lecturer in Management and Sustainability,

Queen’s University Belfast,

School of Management and Economics,

25 University Square, Belfast,

Northern Ireland,

United Kingdom


Email: d.holt@qub.ac.uk

Dr Anna Watson

Lecturer in Retailing,

University of Surrey,

School of Management,

University of Surrey Guildford,


United Kingdom


Email: anna.watson@surrey.ac.uk

In an increasingly global retail environment there are consequences resulting from the drive towards a reduction in ‘food miles’ or indeed flower miles. Suppliers in less developed countries or those in economies with few export products may suffer significantly from the loss of even just one supermarket contract. This paper examines the debate surrounding the local versus international sourcing of retail products, particularly food and flowers. It begins by examining the cut flowers industry and the voluntary certification schemes available.  The paper then examines the debate surrounding Fairtrade and Food Miles before concluding with a discussion of the trade off between local sourcing, the benefits of fair-trade products and the potential impact of removing trade from international suppliers.

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