Organisational Resources for Sustainable Innovations: The Case of the German Frame House Industry
Esther Hoffmann*, Franziska Mohaupt*, Marlen Arnold**

*Institute for Ecological Economy Research

** Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Corresponding author:

Esther Hoffmann

Head of Research Field Corporate Environmental Management

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The paper presents the conceptual framework for analysis and empirical results of a study on the innovation capacity in the German frame house industry. The German wood and forestry sector is a very traditional sector dealing with natural resources and showing significant potentials for sustainable innovations. The paper combines different approaches from strategic and innovation management to an integrated conceptual framework on organisational resources supporting the innovation capacity of companies. It focuses on immaterial resources such as human, structural as well as cultural resources. Moreover it includes dynamic capabilities that allow a company to integrate, build, and reconfigure internal and external competences to address changing environments. A written survey of companies in the German frame house sector offers insights in the internal conditions as well as networking activities among companies, resulting in recommendations for improving the companies’ innovation capacity.


Innovation, strategic management, organisational capabilities, dynamic capabilities, organisational resources, small and medium sized companies, wood and forestry

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