The Hurdles Analysis as an instrument for improving sustain-able stewardship; Results of an empirical study of hurdles to green procurement of German industry
Edeltraud Guenther, Lilly Scheibe, Vera FarkavcovŠ

Technische Universitaet Dresden (Dresden University of Technology)

01062 Dresden


Email: Vera.Farkavcova@tu-dresden.de


Regarding an integrated stewardship of resources, the management of procurement processes can be one important driver. For 25 years efforts to integrate environmental aspects in procurement decisions have been made by legislation or procurement initiatives. Nevertheless the results are moderate. Therefore, just integrating other sustainability issues, like social or generational aspects in procurement decisions, would not promise more success. Moreover, factors capable to hamper, decelerate or even block the integration of sustainability issues in procurement decisions – so-called hurdles – should be analysed first.

This conclusion motivated an empirical study to record the current perception of hurdles. The questionnaire based survey was conducted in 883 German companies, including the 500 biggest companies and the medium-sized companies that are members of the “German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing, and Logistics (AMMPL)”. In order to determine existing hurdles, 24 theory based questions from several areas (legislation, company objectives, knowledge of products and services, costs, motivation) were asked in an explorative design to firstly, compare the perception of hurdles by different actors, secondly, analyse the correlation of company size and hurdles perception, thirdly, focus on the impact of the industry on the perception of hurdles. To give some results, the study identified hurdles that are perceived significantly higher than others. Moreover, the perception of hurdles differs between the industries, but also within one industry. Finally, medium-sized companies feel more uncertainties, regarding legislation or miss supportive guidelines.

For a continuous integration of stewardship issues in procurement decisions the authors suggest the consequent and offensive reduction of the identified hurdles to further legislation or information campaigns initiatives. New sustainability issues should be integrated in procurement decision by considering probable hurdles.


Environmental responsibility

Hurdles Analysis

Decision analysis

Integration of environmental aspects

Organisational development

Green procurement

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