Decision making in transportation processes as a support for sustainable stewardship

Vera Farkavcova, Doctoral Researcher; and Prof. Dr. Edeltraud Guenther

Chair of Business Administration, esp. Environmental Management

Department for Business Management and Economics,

Technische Universitaet Dresden (Dresden University of Technology)

01062 Dresden


Email: Vera.Farkavcova@tu-dresden.de

Most of the companies and organizations are making decisions about the transportation of their goods (raw materials, products, etc.) with regards to the economic and quality aspects like time and flexibility. They do not consider environmental impacts of transportation during decision making at all. But decision making in transportation processes within companies could be a major driver of the environmental performance. Environmental impacts by transportation processes are caused mainly by their energy use and their emissions. To consider environmental impacts in management decisions a model for the evaluation of transportation alternatives has been developed. It contains the following steps: Firstly, system boundaries for the transportation task are defined. Then a suitable functional unit is determined. After defining the alternatives of the transportation process ecological and economic consequences are recognized and evaluated. Finally both evaluations are led together to support decision making. Based on the model (supported by a software tool) and with consideration to stakeholders´ requirements different transportation chains for one transportation task can be compared and transportation can be prepared efficiently. Consequently, tasks like the selection and planning of transportation relations, the employment of means of transportation, the planning of locations and finally the performing of operative business can be fulfilled more environmentally sound.


Sustainable transportation

Green transportation

Transport process evaluation

Environmental aspects


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