The Vale Residential Estate: Setting the Stage for Sustainable Stewardship in New Communities.


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The Vale residential estate in Perth, Western Australia is being established by Multiplex Developments Australia Pty Ltd.  Multiplex is working with EarthCare Sustainability Consultants and a network of other consultants, academics, government personnel and school and community groups to incorporate principles of sustainability throughout the development process and beyond. The aim is to build and enhance sustaining social, natural and economic capital that will endure in the newly formed community once the builders have left.  An integrated approach is being implemented across a range of areas, such as the design of housing and other infrastructure, development of sustaining business strategies, methods of building a new community with a strong sense of place, and ways of fostering a stewardship ethic in respect to the local, regional and global environment.  Multiplex is leading by example in the estate construction phase by supporting programs such as the Vale Smart Builders Program, for instance.  This involves the collaborative development of new management strategies that link stakeholder businesses in the housing construction phase to provide more sustainable resource recovery. 

This paper begins by briefly outlining the nature of the challenges and opportunities the developer faces in helping to lay the physical, social, environmental and economic foundations of a sustainable community. It then focuses specifically on the Vale Smart Builders Program as an innovative management system which capitalizes on existing technological capabilities and potential economic benefit in order to reduce the amount of builders’ waste that goes to landfill and to increase the amount of recycled product used in the construction industry.  The importance of shared learning in this process is discussed. 

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