Sustainability & Stakeholders within the Urban Design & Construction Process: Towards the Development of a ‘Best Practice’ Framework
Cadman, D. M., Boyko, C. T. & Cooper, R.

Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom

The urban design and construction process (UDCP) shapes the places where people live and work and will have long-term significance for all areas of society.  The process of developing sustainability needs to address the ability of stakeholders within the UDCP and to recognise and comply with the limits of the economic, social and environmental interdependencies.  This paper first reviews the relevant literature on sustainability, stakeholders and the urban design process.  A pilot study is then described in which stakeholders involved in the UDCP discuss key themes relating to sustainability and the process.  These themes include sustainability, community engagement, the design brief, design quality, design champions and processes.  From this and the literature studied a ‘Best Practice’ framework may be developed to record and improve stakeholder access to knowledge with respect to sustainability within the UDCP.

Keywords:   Sustainability; Stakeholders; Urban; Design;

                        Construction; Environmental; Economic; Social

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