The Diffusion of Effective Environmental Management Systems in the US: Analysis of the EPA’s Performance Track
Tanya Boone

Associate Professor of Operations and Information Technology

Mason School of Business

The College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, Virginia

There is an on-going debate among government agencies, the business community, advocacy groups, and academics on what motivates effective environmental management by business facilities. Why do some organizations implement environmental management systems that exceed local regulations and reduce emissions while others repeatedly fail to meet basic requirements? This work adds to the literature by examining the impact of geographic proximity in motivating effective environmental management systems. The paper also investigates whether geographic regions benefit from knowledge spillover from facilities with effective environmental management systems. The EPA’s Performance Track program is used to measure of the number of effective environmental management systems.  The findings indicate that region does affect the diffusion of Performance Track and effective environmental management systems; and knowledge spillover is a significant predictor of regional Performance Track membership.
Full Paper (.pdf format, 180.0 kb)

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