Chemical Management Services: European state-of-the-art and perspectives for the future
Oksana Mont, Ph.D.
IIIEE, Lund University,Sweden
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Sustainable society is often defined as a knowledge society with high level of immaterial services, low environmental impacts and low risks. The reality is however somewhat different. Although statistics points out to the increasing share of service industries in our economies, the environmental impacts and risks associated with using chemicals in various processes are still significant. Indeed, the number and diversity of chemicals produced and used in society today is growing in conjunction with the evident and uncertain environmental impacts associated with their life cycle. Chemical management services (CMS) is a business model based on a strategic, long-term contract, according to which the supplier of chemical management services accepts the responsibility for managing chemicals and strives to reduce the associated costs and risks. This strategy also has the potential to reduce the environmental impacts of chemicals. So far, experiences from providing or using CMS largely come from the USA. Little has been reported from European companies. The goal of this contribution is to fill this gap by providing an overview of the existing advantages and barriers for CMS providers and customers in the European context, by identifying conflicts of interest between them and by highlighting important lessons regarding CMS in terms of shaping these markets and reducing environmental impacts of chemicals. The paper reports on findings from interviews with European CMS providers and customers, and other stakeholders of chemical management services and is of interest for industry professionals from all sectors that use chemicals, face legislative pressure or high risks due to chemical use. It reports on the identified knowledge gaps of various stakeholders and highlights potential areas for research. Finally, it discusses the prospective role of authorities in shaping the environmental outcomes of CMS.

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