Role of Cogeneration in Meeting the Energy Demand Through Reduced Pollutants and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
B. V. Reddy
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of New Brunswick
Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 5A3, Canada
The energy sector underwent significant changes in the last three decades due to growing energy demand and the need to reduce pollutant emissions from power plants and other industries. The focus has shifted to developing advanced power generation technologies.  With today’s high fuel costs, the important issues are utilization of fuels at higher efficiency levels and to reduce the pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. Apart from this, in many countries efforts are being made to utilize renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass and tidal energy sources to meet part of the energy demand. Also during the last decade a great deal of attention is paid to develop advanced combined cycle power generation systems, which can generate power at very high efficiency levels.
Also from 1970s due to increased oil and gas prices, lot of attention is paid on various cogeneration systems. Cogeneration is basically the simultaneous production of power and process heat from the same fuel source. Typically cogeneration systems offer high energy conversion efficiencies compared to traditional steam turbine or gas turbine based power plants. In many countries now attention is paid to utilize cogeneration systems to partly meet their energy demand. Also some of these units can be located closer to the consumers, thereby the transmission and distribution losses will be minimum. In the present paper the main objective is to look into various cogeneration systems and their advantages and the issues involved in their design and development. Also the present cogeneration facilities in Canada and the scope of cogeneration in Canada and worldwide will be discussed.

 It is estimated that majority of the growth in electrical consumption by 2010 will take place in developing countries.  Many of these developing countries do not have the infrastructure or capital required to meet this growth. Cogeneration is one of the ways to meet part of their growing energy demand.



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