Global Trade, Responsible Progress, and Sustainable Regions
Ralph Meima, Ph.D., MBA, MA
Assistant Professor of Organizational Management
School for International Training, Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
1-802-258-3560  ralph.meima@sit.edu  www.sit.edu
Announcing a workshop on global trade and its relation to socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable regional development – at both ends and everywhere in-between.  Presentations, Discussions, Updates, Training, Networking, Exhibits, Site Visits.  February 17-18, 2006, Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. 
A joint effort of the School for International Training and The Greening of Industry Network.
Fundamental Questions:
1.      Does more trade mean more global social equity, justice, and ecological renewal?
2.      Or does self-reliance for most commodities offer better prospects for sustainable local and regional economies?
3.      Do supply-chain certification schemes, social audits, and other kinds of NGO-led civil governance provide the best assurance of ethical, environmentally responsible trade?
4.      Or do business-led partnerships, capacity-building, and supply-chain consolidation work better?
5.      Does the essential sustainability value of fair, ethical trade lie in the bridges it builds between people and communities in distant parts of our planet?
6.      What indeed is the difference between fair trade and ethical trading?
7.      Do fair, ethical trading relationships have special value in preparing humanity for future large-scale emergencies and for maintaining prosperity in a post-fossil-fuel world?
8.      Where is global trade taking us?  Where will it leave our communities?  What should we do?
Workshop Themes:
·        Tools of accountability management/CSR in global supply chains (e.g., auditing, stakeholder communication practices, standards, codes of conduct, certification schemes)
·        Fair trade & Ethical trade: Cases, management practices, financing, regulations, trends
·        Global and continental institutions and how they impact trade (e.g., WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, EU, ILO)
·        Trade-related social entrepreneurship & socially responsible businesses
·        Fair trade for disaster relief and sustainable recovery & reconstruction
·        The foreign trade zone concept & regional development
·        Municipal and regional fair trade zones

A call for workshop discussion/presentation proposals is now open.  Submit summaries of 200-300 words to greeningofindustry2006@sit.edu.  General inquiries to: Ralph Meima at ralph.meima@sit.edu or Kurt Fischer at kurt.fischer@greeningofindustry.org


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