Energy Solutions and Assistance for Small Urban Centers
Brenda Kelley
Executive Director/ Project Manager, Bathurst Sustainable Development
285 St. Patrick Street, Bathurst, New Brunswick E2A1C9, Canada
1-506-548-2106  rosewood@nbnet.nb.ca    www.bathurstsustainabledevelopment.com
As all communities move forward into the deepest energy crisis the industrialized world has ever know, the remaining fossil fuel resource will be sold on the markets "to the highest bidder".  As with all exploitation of Natural Resources, the full cost burden is always eventually passed on to the citizens. For those living in poverty, which is a growing number of our populations, what is the solution for their energy crisis?  They cannot pay the escalating prices for vehicle fuel. They cannot pay the soaring utility costs. Social justice dictates that we must assist our communities to find solutions.  Two small communities might implement in partnership with government, business and NGO's to assist their citizens are Public transit for small Urban Centers and  making available residential solar energy grants as an incentive for homeowners partially converting to solar heating for their homes.

  The Solar Mapping Project: Bathurst Sustainable Development has completed a City wide assessment of all 5800 buildings in Bathurst, New Brunswick, to identify their Solar Suitability. We then fed this data into our GIS System to develop a Solar Map, accompanying Key Code and Assessment files for the public.
The Solar City Project: We are now conducting the first Residential Solar Grants Pilot Project in Eastern Canada, with the assistance of REDI and Environment Canada. The Solar Grants are available to homeowners in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.  The grants are available for assisting homeowners to cover 25% of the installed cost of a Solar Thermal Heating system to provide supplementary heating to residential homes and or for installing Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems. It is a means of assisting residential homeowners to switch to renewables. One of the Solar Thermal Heating units that are recommended as part of the pilot project is made in Conception Bay, Newfoundland, and consists of a frame, vent, exhaust, fan and 240 aluminums recycled cans. Six Engineers and 4 installers assist BSD with the project.
The Urban Transit Test Project: Bathurst Sustainable Development is Managing (we also wrote) The Urban Transit Test Project, which is a 10-month trial of an urban transit system for our population of 13,000.

 Bathurst Sustainable Development, a non profit environmental organization, is registered with the Government of Canada as an Energy Innovator. Using power point and paper maps, the technical information for each of these topics will be presented to the conference participants.  



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