Student Campus Greening Initiatives
Cait Champion ASU Sustainability Office Coordinator 626 oldSUB, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada 1-902-585-2149 sustain@acadiau.ca
This poster is an overview of the student-run environmental initiatives at Acadia.  It mentions student education and awareness initiatives, student research projects, student environmental actions and draws conclusions on students and environmental involvement within Acadia University as a whole.  Education and awareness building initiatives are spearheaded by Acadia AWARE, the Acadia Environmental Society, and the Environmental Science program.  These projects include Project CLUE, a multimedia compilation of art, music and poetry to promote the One-Tonne Challenge, a demonstrational wind turbine and solar array to be placed on the SUB, and research projects on paper and greenhouse gases undertaken by the Introduction to Environmental Science class.  Student environmental actions in addition to these projects include the annual Dump and Run garage sale, the annual residence Green Cup Challenge, a regular Green Corner column in The Athenaeum, the role of Environmental Representatives in residence, and the implementation of a Sustainability Policy within the ASU.  The poster concludes that while there are many student-driven initiatives at Acadia, they need to be matched by administrative top-down approaches to environmental awareness and development as well.  The Natural Step framework is a viable, business-oriented sustainability development plan that should be considered by Acadia as a possible aid in sustainable policy development and campus greening strategies.

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