The Role of North Americans in Promoting Renewable Energy
Chantal Line Carpentier, Ph.D. Head, Environment, Economy, and Trade Commission for Environmental Cooperation 393 St-Jacques Ouest, Suite 200 Montréal, Québec, H3C 2P1 Canada clcarpentier@cec.org 1-514-350-4336
The three North American governments envisioned the NAAEC and its Secretariat– the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC)– as the primary means for addressing environmental issues in the context of their commitment to greater trade liberalization. With NAFTA came economic growth and increasing energy needs. Following the publication of the CEC’s Article 13 Secretariat Report – Environmental Challenges and Opportunities of the Evolving North American Electricity Market in 2002, the NAFTA Parties agreed that the share of electricity coming from renewable energy should be increased to decouple economic growth from environmental impacts. Harnessing abundant, naturally occurring sources of energy with few environmental impacts, such as the sun, the wind, geothermal heat, biomass, bio-fuels and bio-plastics, can help provide for current and future North American energy needs.   To promote the North American renewable energy market, the NAFTA Parties have created a trinational Renewable Energy Expert Committee (REEC) to support the CEC in achieving its goals, including: (1) share best practices on developing a renewable energy market; (2) enhance the use of available information about renewable energy resources; (3) investigate policies aimed at leveling the playing field related to transmission access; (4) provide guidance for calculating the environmental benefits of renewables; (5) promote purchases of renewable energy; and (6) take actions to promote a North American market for renewable energy certificates.   The REEC is composed of stakeholders from all sectors of society, and incorporates the CEC traditions of transparency, public participation, targeted actions and cooperation.   The Committee’s valuable input will assist both the Parties and the CEC in addressing some of the informational and transactional barriers that add to the cost of renewable energy, and help policymakers as they develop and implement plans to promote renewable energy.   [Presentation]   

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