Session 52
Wednesday, 10 November 2004
11:00 AM-12:30 PM
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - Room 308
Partnerships in Sustainability Education for the Construction Industry 2
Chair:Jan Carey, The University of Adelaide
11:00 AM Developing Educational Partnerships to Change Mindset in Construction Industry
Jan Carey, The University of Adelaide, Australia
11:20 AM Construction Company Leads through Integration of Three International Management Standards
Jan Carey1 and Chean Meen, Johnny Cheng2, (1)The University of Adelaide, Australia; (2)Nexus Consultants, Singapore
11:40 AM Visual Impact Assessment of Wind Farms in South Australia
Andrew Lothian, Environmental Policy Solutions, Australia

Technical Program

The 12th International Conference of the Greening of Industry Network - Partnerships for Sustainable Development November 7-10, 2004