Session 20
Monday, 8 November 2004
1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - Room 301B
CSR Asia Workshop: Part I
This workshop by Richard Welford and Stephen Frost will examine the issues surrounding CSR in Asia. It will examine particular priority areas and review some of the “hot topics” in the region. If you are interested in CSR then you must be interested in what is happening in the “workshop of the world”. Both workshop presenters have extensive experience of working with companies in Asia and dealing with the challenges. Take a look at the new website that Stephen and Richard have created.
Chairs:Richard Welford, The University of Hong Kong
Stephen Frost, City University of Hong Kong

Technical Program

The 12th International Conference of the Greening of Industry Network - Partnerships for Sustainable Development November 7-10, 2004