Session 38
Tuesday, 9 November 2004
1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - Room 311-312
Tung Chung Cable Car Stakeholder Dialogue Workshop
This new Hong Kong based project managed by the MTR Corporation has a stated commitment to sustainable development. The cable car will take people to the site of the Big Buddha. As part of the construction process, Richard Welford chairs a Sustainability Advisory Board, made up of key stakeholders, which also manages a set of sustainable development indicators. Come and hear how the process evolved and is developing. The workshop will involve discussion and debate over what indicators should be chosen for an environmentally and spiritually sensitive location.
Chairs:Richard Welford, The University of Hong Kong
Glenn Frommer, MTRC

Technical Program

The 12th International Conference of the Greening of Industry Network - Partnerships for Sustainable Development November 7-10, 2004