Session 17
Monday, 8 November 2004
1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - Room 307
1:30 PM Temporal Pattern of Ground Level Ozone in Different Land Habitats of Mie Prefecture, Japan
Mizanur Rahman, Yuichi Nagaya, Fukuji Yamada, Atsushi Hashimoto and Takaharu Kameoka, Mie University, Japan
1:40 PM How the organizational structure of environmental management influences corporate greening: an empirical analysis of large manufacturing firms in Japan
Takuya Takahashi1 and Masao Nakamura2, (1)University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan; (2)Univeristy of British Columbia, Canada
1:50 PM Consumers' Trust on Information sources
Midori Aoyagi-Usui, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Technical Program

The 12th International Conference of the Greening of Industry Network - Partnerships for Sustainable Development November 7-10, 2004