Low Cost, Innovative, Breakthrough Waste Oil Recovery/Recycling Technology - Vibratory Membrane Advanced Treatment (VMAT) for Asia
Daniel M. Cheng, Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Ltd., Hong Kong
Environmental protection is a basic state policy for Asian countries like China. Until now, waste oil collection and recycling in the professional manner are still amongst the top agenda. However, due to the fact that conventional waste oil recycling technologies usually require large capital investment and extensive civil works, many projects could not be started. Equally important, the lack of efficient and effective programs for waste oil collection badly affects the business viability.

Having successfully acquired and operated the only independent, profitable, ISO9001 : 2000 and ISO14001 certified waste oil recycling facility in Hong Kong since 1995, Dunwell has developed a managerial and technological role model that can be replicated in different Asian countries. This paper will identify the evolvement needed for succeeding waste oil recycling business in Asian countries. Furthermore, it will introduce the leading Vibratory Membrane Advanced Treatment (VMAT) approach that offers a promising, low cost, but high-tech membrane filtration solution for the diversified lubricants available in the market. With the use of VMAT, users can determine to recover either lube oil or fuel oil, depending on the actual needs and economic justification. The use of VMAT can also eliminate the needs of chemical treatment, avoid the possibilities of secondary pollution and become a trend for the Asian countries seeking an affordable and effective solution.

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