BS 8555:2003 - Remapping Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation
Eric Ching1 and Gary Sims2, (1)Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong; (2)White Young Green Environmental, Ireland
BS 8555 / Project Acorn provides a defined and logical structure to Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation, compatible with ISO 14001 and EMAS, by employing a phased imlementation of the key system components. BS 8555 pilot projects have already been initiated in Northern Ireland, Spain, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Hungary and Hong Kong. Proven to deliver environmental performance improvement and recognised verification of the systems approach, BS 8555 has much to offer organisations wanting to control and demonstrate their environmental performance. Broken into six phases, with the emphasis firmly on the environment, the approach has been proven in a number of project worldwide and in April 2003 became a British Standard. It breaks down many of the barriers hindering EMS development to ISO 14001 and yet it also leads organisations to ISO 14001 as the ultimate recognition of their EMS.
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