The impact of environmental concern on logistics functions -an interview study in four Swedish companies
CATRIN LAMMGÅRD, Göteborg University, Sweden
This paper is based on interviews with key informants in four companies on a number of issues related to the environmental aspects of goods transportation, today and in the future. There were, in three of the companies, two or three interviews carried through with representatives from different functions, mainly the logistics and environmental function. In the results, factors are identified that influence the impact of environmental concern on the logistics functions when transport solutions are chosen. In the decision process, four different considerations are visible that directly put constrains in the environmental considerations for example trade-offs that are made in connection to other business considerations. Also, the results show that the amount of transports had increased in all companies which implied that there was an increased interest in finding new transport solutions. This may be a potential opportunity for the actors in the transport chain that can offer environmentally better transports in the future. .
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