Benefits of Partnerships: The creation of social capital by corporate volunteering
Judy Muthuri, Nottingham University Business School, United Kingdom
This presentation is based on a large empirical project about partnerhsips in the area of corporate volunteering in 5 major companies in the UK. Data has been collected by semistructured qualitative interviews with all actors involved in the partnership, i.e. corporations, employees, local communities, local governernment, and brokering instituions. The research provides detailed insight into the benefits of partnerships, the conditions under which they are most effective and the risks involved in those partnerships. Resarch will inform future design of partnership in terms of enhancing its effectiveness and readiness to meet specific targets. The theoretical lens of the research is social capital theory. The project provides more insight into the conceptualizatoin of SC, the way it is measured and effectively used by corporations through partnerships. The paper feeds into the sustainability debate by showing the close interlocking trade-offs between economic, social and environmental sustainability in partnership projects.

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