Campaign for Environmental Awareness for Healthy Environment and Sustainable Development
Ramachandraiah Gorrepati, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open University,Hyderabad, INDIA., India
A healthy environment is essential for the welfare of mankind and sustainable development in the world. Creating environmental awareness among different segments of population like students,teachers,professors in universities,administrators,law makers,policy and planning experts both in government and non-governmental organizations,businessmen,industrialists and consumers is very essintial for successful implimentation of any programme aimed at sustainable development especially in the developing countries.A campaign to create environmental awareness should be organised by all institutes engaged in environmental programmes by way of including teaching modules on environmental science in educational institutes from school to university level of education making it as a compalsury subject in the curriculam.Workshops and seminars on environmental education must be organized by various institutes. The main topics to be covered in such educational programmes should include . Air polution . Water polution .Ozone depletion . Hazardous waste and management . Role of Government industries,business,Teaching institutes and consumer organizations . Measures for minimizing pollution like using unleaded petrol and use of catalitic convertors for minimizing air pollution due to automobiles,treatment of industrial waste by adopting suitable pollution control measures,Recycling measures of glass,plastics,metal tins,cans and other packaging material. In this direction Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open University,Hyderabad,India is offering a diploma course in environmental sciences in the distance education mode to enable large number of students to study this course . The university in collaberation with Dr.Reddy's Laboratories,Hyderabad an internationally renowned Pharmacuetical industry is organizing seminars and workshops for students,teachers,industrialists,scientists and cousumer organizations on topiocs on environmental science and sustainable developments. Creating environmental awareness among different segments of population will bring success to all programmes engaged in creating healthy environment and sustainable development. All the above aspects of environmental awareness programmes with some case studies are discussed in this paper.
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