Eco-community: A Module of Community-based Environmental Management
Jie Yang1, Jun Bi1, Jingbo Zhou2, Qun Wan1, Bing Zhang1 and Xiaoning Wang1, (1)Nanjing University & Jiangsu EPD, China; (2)University of Science and Technology of Suzhou, China
Community plays a very important role in sustainable development as the basic microcosmic organization in society. It increasingly becomes one of the most important links by which government could implement its policies in a market-driven economy. However, such an important role has been ignored by most of the actors, especially policy-makers who are seeking for rapid and GDP-dominated economic development. The recent promotion of circular economy in China calls for attention to the potential role of community in helping material and energy reduction and recycling activities. This paper analyzes domestic status quo of community and discusses the eco-community concept. Particularly, the paper favors the involvement of environmental education and environmental management into current community management system to raise environmental awareness of the public and reduce the cost of solving community-based environmental problems. A survey and the follow-up planning of eco-community in China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park CSSIP) are conducted to demonstrate the implementation of circular economy strategy, promote the public participation in environmental management, and establish the partnership among the government, enterprises and the public.