Transportation Sector in Bangalore City, India Examining Existing and proposed Metro project
Kalegowda Somashekar and Lenin Babu Kamepalli, Bangalore University, India
Bangalore, capital city of Karnataka state is also known as software capital of India with a population of about 7 millions and is fastest growing city in India. The city has a total road network of 2670 km.2 and a vehicular density of 600 vehicles per km2. State owned public transportation system Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation has 2658 and 2600000 passenger trips per day were made. Apart from these public fleet, city has about 16.6 lakhs private vehicle population and is 2639 tonnes/ day in which the contribution of 15,19,331 petrol driven vehicles is 2066 tonnes/ day while that of 1,46,678 diesel driven vehicles is 573 tonnes/ day. The apportioned contribution in terms of percentage is 78.29 % and 21.71 % from petrol and diesel driven vehicles respectively. Further, there is a continuous increase in the number of accidents in the city and on an average two persons are being killed on the roads of Bangalore city everyday. On the other hand, the government has approved a project of developing Mass Rapid Transport System in the form of Metro Rail. An attempt is made in this paper present the benefits of this proposed system in comparison with existing system.
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