Sustainable Construction and the Need for Partnering
Peter Rawlings and Derek Smyth, Gammon Construction Limited, Hong Kong
The impact of construction large or small can have profound short and long-term effects, both positive and negative, on the quality of life of the world's communities. This is no different in urban Hong Kong, where the effects and impacts of construction are obvious for all to see. It is time for stakeholders in the construction industry to come together with innovative ideas, commitment and long term visions that will result in a more positive and sustainable future for our industry. To illustrate the benefits and gains to be had from partnering, Gammon Construction, a leading regional construction company, present three examples of their partnering experience at a company level, a project-level and at a more strategic Hong Kong level. It is Gammon's conclusion that if as an industry we are to seriously contribute to sustainable development, we must embrace partnering across all levels and disciplines. Partnering will help breakdown traditional conflicts within the industry, promote more sustainable procurement strategies and ultimately contribute to the better performance of the industry as a whole.

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