Consumers' Trust on Information sources
Midori Aoyagi-Usui, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
Using data of 2002 public opinion survey by National Institute for Environmental Studies, we analyzed the consumers' trust in information sources. Recently, "trust" in institutions or organizations are seen one of the keys for people to motivate doing something. Pro-environmental purchasing behavior is one of those. We made index for Green consumerism, and investigated the impact of trust in national government, local government, companies, consumer's organizations, environmental organizations on green consumer behaviors. Regression analysis shows even the information on the "pro-environmental products and companies," people do not rely on the information from companies, but on information from local governments, consumers organizations, environmental organizations. This results corresponds the results from our earlier survey which was carried out in 1999. Consumers did not have better impression on the companies which shows pro-environmental attitudes. From the policy making point of view, we need a third-party information dissemination system, which disseminate information about the pro-environmental services and goods, which can certify information from companies. The system or facility might need the inspection ability for consumers and companies claiming about the services and products. We already have the eco-labeling system called "Eco-Mark." It also needs more popularity.
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