Corporate Awakening why (some) corporations embrace public-private partnerships
Julie LaFrance1 and Martin Lehmann2, (1)International Finance Corporation, USA; (2)Aalborg University, Denmark
Post.grad theme #1: The challenges and rewards of a new and interdisciplinary academic field.

Conf. theme #3: The dynamics & potentials for public-private partnerships

Predominantly since the 1992 Rio Summit, corporations are increasingly pursuing partnerships with public institutions including governments, international organizations and NGOs that aim to contribute to sustainable development activities. Both the business community and public organizations are recognizing the potential benefits of public-private partnerships for furthering the Millennium Development Goals while having a positive impact on business. Partnerships have become more common as corporations react to mounting pressure from corporate stakeholders, civil society and government on the responsible nature of their business practices.

The accountability of corporations has moved beyond the traditional obligations of addressing shareholder demands and today, corporations must be accountable to society and all stakeholders affected by global development. The corporate awakening towards a broader role of business in society and the trend of corporations embracing partnerships has led many to question the driving factors that motivate corporations to pursue partnerships. In this paper, the authors will examine the underlying drivers of corporate organizational behaviour, and will discuss the challenges of gaining insight into why corporations embrace public-private partnerships.

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