Matching supply and demand: What can housing organizations do to provide sustainable homeservices for the residents?
Christine Jasch1, Minna M Halme2 and Michael Scharp3, (1)IÖW, Austria; (2)Helsinki School of Economics, Finland; (3)IZT Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment, Germany
This paper of the Sustainable Homeservice project will suggest a new way of arranging the sustainable homeservice provision, and contrast it with the demand of such services. It examines on one hand the prominent the distribution channels and on the other hand the customer acceptance of household services that can enhance sustainability. It appears that the housing organizations either as direct suppliers or in various forms of co-operation with other service providers (private firms, public or non-profit organizations) play a crucial role. The findings imply that providers of sustainable household services could create new marketing channels via co-operation with housing organizations or housing management. As to customer acceptance, a resident survey of 300 residents regarding service use and willingness to use has been conducted. The results indicate that the omission of social sustainability, i.e. quality of life –factors, may be one of reasons for the market failure of many eco-efficient consumer services. It also appears that the studied countries vary with regard to service use tendencies. One of the main distinctions is the difference between more “do-it-yourself” -oriented cultures (e.g. Finland and Austria) and pro-service use ones (Portugal and Spain).

Based on the above, we will discuss obstacles and promoting factors for sustainable household services in compensating product-related consumption, both at a European and national levels. We will also suggest strategies for promotion of sustainable household services, taking specifically into account the differences between the national service-use cultures, and the institutional contexts of housing and homeservice provision in different countries.

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