Sustainable Enterprise: New key concept to create SCA
Rachada Pisitsankkhakarn, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Because Sustainable Enterprise (SE) is important as the effective concept that lead the Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) to the firm, this paper aims to illustrate how the firm can implement the ways of SE and how it contributes potential SCA to the firm to be success in the long run. The study is designed as a case study to observe the success of Siam Cement Group, the ways it implements in SE concept and potential SCA that the firm receives from such implementation. Result of study shows that all implemented SE initiatives of Siam Cement can create SCA to the firm. Such SCA can also be evaluated as rareness, creating value, inability to be imitated and inability to substitute, which is a part of success factors that make Siam Cement the excellent conglomerates in Thailand. Moreover, this study can also be a good model for others who seek for the success like Siam Cement.