An Empirical Research on Environmental Indicators for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Philippine Context
Purba Rao1, Dr. Olivia la O Castillo2, ponciano s. Intal3 and ather sajid3, (1)Asian Institute of Management, Philippines; (2)Asia Pacific Roundtable for Cleaner Production, Philippines; (3)angelo king institute for economic and business, Philippines
This paper presents an empirical research to establish and implement corporate environmental indicators for SMEs, small and medium enterprises , in the Philippines operating in domestic oriented and export oriented industry sectors. The indicators follow a framework comprising environmental performance indicators ,management indicators and condition indicators. The research uses a survey questionnaire as research instrument implemented over small and medium enterprises across six industries and brings out the levels of environmental performance and environmental initiatives ,as carried out by them .The paper also conducts a gap analysis between the SMEs and the industry benchmarks within each industry sector and identifies areas where improvement needs to be incorporated.
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