What We Learned in the Rainforest by Tachi Kiuchi or Bill Shireman
William K. Shireman and Tachi Kiuchi, The Future 500, USA
WHAT WE LEARNED IN THE RAINFOREST–BUSINESS LESSONS FROM NATURE Powerful systems that drive innovation, adaptation, growth and sustainability, in nature and the corporate world. What We Learned in the Rainforest shows how companies can use systems of feedback to drive innovation, adaptation, growth, and sustainability, creating bottom line profit while benefiting the community and environment. Participants will learn to:

Harness feedback and systems thinking to yield bottom line benefit at their company.

Establish a closed loop system that drives continuous performance gains in the areas they target.

Develop a strategic plan to stimulate breakthrough innovation and continuous improvement

Manage their companies through the four phases of the business life cycle: innovation, growth, variation, and restructuring.

Create profit sustainably.