Environmental Industry in Hong Kong: A Company Case Study of Jets Technics International Holdings Ltd
Sharmin Salahuddin, Corporate Environmental Governance Programme, Hong Kong
This paper aims to illustrate the challenges faced by the environmental industry in Hong Kong through a company case study. Jets Technics International Holdings Ltd ("Jets Technics") is a Hong Kong company largely involved in the design and manufacturing of recreational and sports facilities components which are made from recycled materials (shredded tyres and plastic wastes). The company also operate on a 'Return and Recycle' policy, which ensures that their products can be recycled at end-of-life.

This paper will show what the difficulties have been for such a company in Hong Kong, what future challenges they face and how Hong Kong's environmental industry can be developed to meet the need for sustainable development in the region.

The role of government, technology, human resources and management commitment to the success of Jets Technics is examined and recommendations made on how these challenges can be met.